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Our hero is thrown right into the pits of the underworld by the hands of the supreme God Cultus himself. With his memory wiped out, he has to now discover his past, his sins, and get back to his world effectively becoming the first one to defeat afterlife and twist and turns that's go with that. In order for him to leave he has collect seven Chaos Crystals and attach them to his sword that will help him leave the underworld with some of his new friends and allies.

He will sooner or later realize his alleged destiny and his desire to avoid his fate will become his greatest enemy. He could let his nature and urges guide him or suppress himself but what's to come may as well be inevitable.

Battle System is all about dodging attacks and timing your moves and thinking your strategy out. Gameplay will all be about exploring underworld and all the colors it holds while solving puzzles, fighting guardians of Chaos Crystals, and knocking down devils. We have in store, two alternate endings, one when you do not kill and instead cure random encounters and other when you do. You also have a much harder new game plus mode with two more alternate endings depending on the same mechanics but revealing more lore of the world and your fate.

Main Cast:

  • Hilbert: A wise, helpful and a suspiciously calm and calculative man who is a known fighter in hell. He is your first ally, and he is the one who will find you knocked out in the underworld and bring you to his house and cure you.
  • Enon: You, the man killed and sent to the underworld by the supreme God Cultus himself. To him you seemed sinful but since you do not have your memories, you are unable to judge yourself but want to be out of this hell nonetheless.
  • Cerina: A cheerful woman who lives with Hilbert and is also one of the greatest fighters known to the underworld. She, not unlike you, has also lost her memory and will now help you so she can also remember her past and leave. 
  • Master Eli: A good spirited old man, the greatest fighter in the entire underworld just lagging behind Gods and their powers, and majesty. He is also the master of the dojo where Hilbert and Cerina were taught to fight like the rest of his disciples.

Battle System:

The battle system in the game allows you to dodge all of the attacks thrown at you by timing your enter presses correctly and finding out how to dodge attacks of your enemies by experimenting. Your own skills, at least the cruelty powers, all are timed attacks that if executed well can deal huge amount of damage, and doing the opposite, with some attacks, might even hurt you. All bosses and semi-bosses have their own unique skills and all locations have different enemies.

Caution: This game contains curse words but nothing offensive is shown. You can take that as you will. I don't know if itch classifies that as adult.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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